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Which payment methods are available?

On you can pay through:
• Credit Card
• Rechargeable Credit Card (such as Postepay)
• PayPal

When will the payment be charged?

In case of payment by Credit Card or PayPal, the amount will be charged as soon as the purchase is completed. The display of the charge may depend on the banking schedule.

Is my payment secure?

The security of transactions is one of Treesse's main priorities, which is why we use the most advanced technologies to ensure that payment is made in total security.

Can I get an invoice made out to my business?

To request an invoice, select the option "Do you have a VAT number and would you like an invoice?" during checkout. Once the order has been completed, it will no longer be possible to request an invoice.

Why is my payment not being successful?

Your payment may fail for the following reasons:
• The credit card has an obsolete technology and is not compatible with our security systems
• The availability of the card is insufficient
• The security code entered is incorrect
• The card has expired
• You may have reached the spending limit of your card

If the problem persist, we recommend you to contact your bank.

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